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Atari 2600 GameLine


Year produced: 1983

Developed and operated by: Control Video Corporation

Developer: William von Meister

Price: $60 for the hardware, $15 for the monthly subscription and $1 per game

Year Discontinued: 1983

Available markets: USA

NES Zapper

NES Zapper


Year produced: 1984 for the Famicom, 1985 for the NES

Developed by: Nintendo

Named: Beam Gun in japan or The Light Gun in the USA

Re-Released in the US: The re-released NES Zapper in orange, introduced in 1989. This was due to the Federal Toy Gun Law was signed into United States law

Games: Usable with games such as Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman

Available markets: USA, Japan and PAL regions 



Year produced: 1991 for the Famicom

Developed by: Konami

How it was used: Aim with the eyepiece and shout fire into the microphone to shoot

Games: It was designed for the game Laser Invasion but it can work with all games what work with the NES zapper

Available markets: All regions 

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