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God Of War - Review

Updated: May 5, 2020

I know it took me a while but I recently decided to play God of War on the Playstation 4, It was quickly finished. Before I get on with my thoughts let me start by saying this is my first God of War game and I was not disappointed.

The game looks beautiful. From the grit of the stone. To the colours of the flowers and trees. The world is so immersive and the graphics only accentuate the experience. As the game flows into different environments you feel as if you're going into other worlds. They all have theIt own style and quirks, it really helps with the immersion and it makes you want to explore more of the world. One of the main highlights for me was seeing the scale of the frozen giant. It was one of those moments in video games that you marvel at the scale that the developers have been able to portray.

The gameplay has a good mix of combat and puzzle elements along with the adventure itself. The action side of the game is varied with multiple weapons and hand-to-hand combat. There is a layered leveling system so you can add new skills, increase your health, attack, defense, and other attributes. The puzzles can be challenging at times but are easy after getting to grips with the game mechanics. There are plenty of easter eggs to collect along your way. The currency that you find can be used to upgrade you and your son's clothes and weapons.

This is a fantastic story about a god and his son. The characters you meet along the way really add to the game with some comedic and shocking moments. There are some really touching moments in between the blood and chaos. By the end of the game, you really feel like you've witnessed the relationship between father and son blossom from something cold and born out of necessity into something special, with mutual respect for both characters. You have been with them every step of this journey and the end certainly doesn't disappoint.

I would tell anyone with a PlayStation 4 to play this game. I put this in the same bracket as The Last of Us in terms of the emotions it invokes and the gameplay is far better. This game makes me want to go back and play the other God Of War games. I want to learn more about the lore that was hinted at throughout the game. Maybe that's me not wanting it to end. But I'm so glad I took the time to play it.

Tip of the Game: Double-tap L1 to break an enemy's guard as they attack.

Meme of the game

By Nathan (Joking Dolphin)

Thank you for reading. If you liked/disliked or would like to continue the conversation please comment below.

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