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Pong in 2020 - Review

Updated: May 17, 2020

The game is simple but addicting. You play against the computer or a friend. you control one paddle and the second player whether person or machine controls the other. The aim is to get the ball into your opponent's goal if you do it enough times you win the game. The version I have is the first to 15 points. As you play the ball (or square) gets faster and it can get quite challenging as your bout progresses. For the longer bouts if you end up winning the point is very satisfying. The game is silent and bar the paddles and ball all you have on screen is a scoreboard and the ball.

Recently I decided to dust off my old pong machine to have a go and it was so much fun. Me and my wife had a few games. In the beginning it was difficult to get to grips with the controls again. The version we have uses 2 joysticks that are detachable from the console. After a few rounds, we both got into it taunting each other as one person took the lead. In the end, I lost the last game 14:15 devastated I decided to give up and put the game down (I'm very competitive)

In summary for a game that's 48 years old, it's still lots of fun. It shows you don't need flashy graphics to enjoy a game. Solid gameplay and someone to enjoy the game with is enough.

The Facts:

- Originally released in 1972

- Pong was the first game developed and published by Atari

- Designed by Allan Alcorn

- It took 3 days to make

Fun Fact: If you go to Bing and type in "pong" you can play vs the computer

Tip of the game: If you can time the ball right to hit the edge of your paddle its harder for your opponent to judge and you have a better chance of getting the point.

By Nathan (Joking Dolphin) Thank you for reading. If you liked/disliked or would like to continue the conversation please comment below. #pong #atari #gameblog #jokingdolphin #videogames #gaming #blog #pongmachine

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