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The Last of Us Part 2 - Story Overview

The game is set 5 years on from the first game. Ellie and Joel have moved to Joel's brothers (Tommy) settlement in Jackson. Ellie starts a relationship with Dina after she and Jesse break up. Joel and Tommy go missing when on patrol for the infected around the area of Jackson. Ellie and Dina set out and investigate. Before going out Dina and Ellie have a fun-filled snowball fight with a group of kids, it was a nice slice of life moment. At the same time, Abby and her group are looking for an unknown man on the outskirts of Jackson. You play as Abby and her part introduces you to movement mechanics that will be helpful as you go through the game. Eventually, as Abby you meet Joel and Tommy and you help each other fight off the infected and get to the lodge. At that point, Joel and Tommy are ambushed by Abby's group and we find out Joel is the person she's been looking for.

At this stage, we change back to controlling Ellie as she franticly searches for Joel as a storm rages. Eventually, you get to get to the lodge to find Abby has beaten Joel to an inch of his life with a Golf club. Members of Abby's group hold you down and tell Abby to finish it. Abby goes on to kill Joel. It's a devastating moment for Ellie as she threatens to get revenge. The group decides to leave Ellie alive showing some shred of decency. This was one of the most upsetting moments of the game after everything we have been through with Ellie and Joel losing one of them had a massive impact.

After this, you go through Joel's house. This is was a somber and upsetting experience as you walk through Joel's life. You see things like his guitar, his gun, and the watch his daughter got him. It was a reminder of the relationship that Ellie on Joel built in the first game. A few weeks later Tommy learns that Abby's group is part of WLF and group in Seattle. Tommy goes alone to try and bring Joel's killers to justice. After getting Marias (Tommy's wife) blessing Ellie and Dina go after Tommy. Ellie and Dina fight through WLF and the infected while working there way through Seattle. Eventually, they get to a theatre the place is relatively safe. Ellie reveals to Dina that she is immune, Dina in turn reveals to Ellie that she's pregnant. Ellie falls asleep and has a dream about Joel taking her to a museum for her birthday. This is a heartwarming part of the game where Ellie and Joel explore dinosaur and Astronomy exhibits respectively. When I got to the museum my first thought was to get on the T-rex and you could. When you got into the museum I thought to myself I'm taking that hat. Ellie picked it up and put it on. It was almost like the game was made for me. As you go through the museum you can put the hat on the dinosaur sculptures and that made for some funny moments. The best was yet to come. You learn that Ellie is very much into astronomy as am I personally. She goes around the exhibit spouting facts and teaching Joel a thing or two. The wonder she exudes is lovely to see. They get to a mock space capsule, Ellie picks a space helmet and gets inside with Joel. Joel then gives her a tape for her birthday and tells her to play it and close her eyes. What unfolds is a beautiful moment as the sounds of a shuttle take-off process proceeds to play and Ellies imagination runs away with her. She feels like shes launching into space. It just reminds you that shes a kid regardless of what she's been through and it's an amazing moment between Joel and Ellie. This was probably the best moment of the game for me.

The next day Dina's pregnancy has taken its toll on her and Ellie has to set out alone looking for Tommy. While looking for Tommy she finds Jesse who followed them to Seattle. Jesse is tired form the trip and leaves Ellie to go it alone. At this stage, you have your first run-in with the Seraphites or scares as the WLF call them. They are more primitive than the WLFs using bow and arrows. They also seem to treat their leader as a God or prophet. You get through them and Ellie continues to search for Abby's friend Nora to find information eventually she finds an interrogates her beating her to death with a pipe. Ellie learns that Nora used to be a Firefly and this causes her to have a flashback to two years ago where she searched the hospital that Joel saved her from. At this moment Ellie learns that Joel lied to her about there being multiple immune people and the fireflies nor being able to find a cure. I always wondered how Ellie would react to knowing. Did she want to be saved? Well, we got our answer. She wanted to be used to find a cure for the greater good of the world.

The next day Ellie goes out to track down Abby as Jesse tries to find Tommy. Eventually, you find that she might be at the aquarium. As you go you fight through more WLFs to get to the aquarium you are forced to kill Dogs as they can sniff you out and make their handlers aware. As an animal lover, this was a difficult moment to kill your first dog. But you get used to it. Any way you search the aquarium and find Owen and Mel (members of the WLF group). You kill them. Finding out after that Mel was heavily pregnant this was a difficult moment for Ellie and as a player. Next, you reunite with Dina, Tommy, and Jesse at the theater. You are about to return to Jackson when you are ambushed by Abby. She goes on to kill Jesse and holds Tommy hostage. At this point, she explains why she killed Joel.

The game then goes into a flashback that reveals Abby is the daughter of a Doctor that Joel killed in the surgery as he saved Ellie. During the flashback, there was a beautiful moment with a zebra and its calf when the zebra is saved by Abby, Owen, and Abby's dad.

Back to the present but 3 days prior Abby learns that Owen has gone missing while investigating the Seraphites. Abby talks with Isaac (the WLFs leader) Isaac thinks that Owen may have defected. Issac goes on to explain a planned assault on the Seraphites island to end there group. Abby goes out to find Owen but is captured and almost hung by a group of Seraphites. She is then saved by a couple of exiled Seraphites called Yara and Lev. They manage to cut Abby down but Yara's arm is broken by a hammer in the process. This was a difficult moment to watch. Eventually you find Owen in the aquarium, Owen is disillusioned by all of the fighting and wants to sail to Santa Barbra as he heard the fireflies were regrouping. What follows is an anger-filled passionate scene between Abby and Owen and they sleep together. Abby takes Yara to Nora for treatment and we find out that Yara needs to have her forearm amputated but supplies are needed from the hospital in order to perform the procedure. Abby and Lev set out to the hospital along the way Abby confronts her fear of heights as Lev's shortcuts has you climbing to the top of a skyscraper that is infested with the infected and Seraphites. You learn that Lev was exiled by the Seraphites for shaving his head and you also find out he used to be called Lily. When you get to the hospital Lev has to wait outside as it's controlled by the WLFs. You are caught but released by Nora and she guides you to the unchecked lower levels of the hospital to get the supplies you need. You find yourself at one of the quarantined areas for the first infected. At this stage, you have to fight the most developed and terrifying infected we have seen so far the Rat King. If you let it get to you your done for. After beating it you chase the stalker (a creature that came off the Rat king) through the hospital. You kill it and get out of the hospital with the supplies you need. You go back to the aquarium and Yara's arm is amputated. After this Lev runs goes back to the island to find his mother. You follow him taking out a troublesome sniper in the process. When you get to the Island the war of the WLFs vs the Seraphites has already begun. You go from village to village until you find Yara and Lev's mother's hut. You find their mother dead with a shocked and cut Lev cowering on the corner. She tried to kill him and he did what he needed to do to survive. Abby, Yara, and Lev press on. They eventually run into Isaac, his men shoot Yara seemingly killing her. Abby tries to explain the situation to Isaac but he doesn't listen and was a second away from killing Abby until Yara with her last breath kills Isaac and Abby and Lev escape.

Abby and Lev continue through the island as they look for a way to escape taking out both Seraphites and WLFs as they go. Eventually, they get on a horse and you see the island with people on both sides burning alive as you race to get to the shore to find a boat. It was a sickening and powerful moment. Eventually, you managed to get a boat and get off the island. When you get back to the aquarium you find that Owen, Mel have been killed and more importantly Alice the Dog. Just on a side note, there was a really nice moment where Yara played fetch with Alice. Yara never trusted Dogs due to the WLFs use of them against the Seraphites but it was nice that she formed some sort of relationship and trusted Alice. Abby found the map that Ellie left so she knew where to go to find the people that killed her friends.

Back to the present day. Abby shoots Tommy seemingly killing him. She then fights Ellie and Dina. This was a very gritty fight that I didn't want to be part of as a player. After going through the story of both players I thought they both had their reasons for what they did. Eventually, Abby overpowers both Ellie and Dina. She only decides to spear them as she learns Dina is pregnant and Lev insists that she doesn't finish them off. Abby then tells them to leave Seattle.

A few months later you see Ellie and Dina have moved to a farmhouse. Dina's baby has been born and is called JJ . There are nice moments between Ellie and Dina as they live life. Ellie goes to herd the sheep into the barn and has a PTSD episode due to Joel's death. Tommy then arrives at the farmhouse NOT DEAD! And pleads with Ellie to help him get revenge on Abby for Joel's death. He has information on where she might be, Ellie declines. Dina goes after Tommy as she's angry with him for trying to bring Ellie into the situation. After becoming restless and having trouble sleeping Ellie decides to pursue Abby in Santa Barbara. This is when we cut to Abby in Santa Barbara as she looks for the remnants of the Fireflys. She searches a house and finds an old hideout with a radio in the basement. She radios the fireflies frequencies and talks to a firefly community. As she and Lev come out of the house they are ambushed by the Rattlers (A group in Santa Barbara), they are then captured.

Ellie arrives in Santa Barbara 2 months later. After being caught in a trap she gets impaled by a tree branch and is bleeding heavily. She manages to escape killing two rattlers in the process. Then she fights her way through the Rattlers and manages to rescue Abby and Lev. When Ellie cuts Abby's down physically shes a shell of her former self and Lev is clinging on to life. It looks like Ellie is going to let them go before seeing an image of Joel. At that point, she decides to fight Abby to the death. This is the most difficult part of the game. Both Abby and Ellie are weak from there respective injuries and malnutrition. The fight is brutal as they trade blows. Ellie had two fingers bitten off. She eventually gets Abby into a position to drown her and it looks like she's going to do it. Until she has a change of heart and decides its enough. She lets Abby and Lev go and returns to the farmhouse.

When Ellie returns she finds that Dina and JJ are gone. Most of the things that made the house a home have been removed and there is only one room full of things, Ellie's things. She goes into the room you can see her guitar, records, and comic books. Her whole life up until this point is in that room. She sits with it and strums some notes on the guitar that she can no longer pay due to her injuries. Then she leaves the house. Leaving her old life behind. Then the screen cuts. Was any of this worth it?

That is the end of the last of us part 2.

Joke of the Game:

What's the problem with eating a clock?

It's time-consuming....

Meme of the game:

By Nathan (Joking Dolphin)

Thank you for reading. If you liked/disliked or would like to continue the conversation please comment below.

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